CCSU Extended Learning Opportunities Program Staff

Walden Elementary School                                                                                        
Attn: David Irwin, ELO Site Coordinator
135 Cahoon Farm Road
West Danville, Vermont 05873
(802) 563-3000
Fax:(802) 563-3030                                                                                           
Facebook: Walden School ELO

"This is my first year as the ELO Site Coordinator at Danville and my first year living in northeastern Vermont.  I graduated Johns Hopkins University in 2015 and have been working as a Ski Instructor and in Outdoor Education.  I am interested in teaching and possibly education policy in the future.  I am excited to be joining CCSU, Danville, and the community. "

Danville School
Attn: Jenna Maurer, ELO Site Coordinator                                                     
48 Peacham Road                                                                   
Danville, Vermont 05828                                                                 
(802) 684-3651                                                                               
Fax: (802) 684-1192
Facebook: Danville School ELO

Peacham Elementary School
Attn: Diane, Farquharson, ELO Site Coordinator  
40 Bayley Hazen Road 
PO Box 271
Peacham, Vermont 05862 
(802) 592-3517
Fax: (802) 592-3517
Facebook: Peacham School ELO

Hannah Thody is the Site Coordinator at the Barnet School.
Questions or comments related to the Barnet School program should be directed to Hannah at:

"This is my second year at the ELO program. I have a degree in Environmental Science with a minor in Marine Biology. Recently I have worked in daycare centers and at the Stockbridge after school program. I also was the Site Coordinator for the ELO program this summer. I have recently started taking classes to work towards get a teaching license."

Barnet School

Attn: Hannah Thody, ELO Site Coordinator
163 Kid Row
Barnet, Vermont 05821
(802) 633-4978
Fax: (802) 633-4497

Vanessa Koch is the Human Resource Coordinator for CCSU
. Questions or needs related to personnel, volunteers, purchasing, communications, employee benefits and support should be directed to Vanessa at:

Caledonia Central Supervisory Union
Attn: Vanessa Koch
PO Box 216
Danville, Vermont 05828
(802) 684-3801 ext. 302
Fax: (802) 684-1190

Donna Gaston is the Extended Learning Opportunities Program Director. Questions or comments related to the overall ELO program and grants can be directed to Donna at:

Caledonia Central Supervisory Union
Attn: Donna Gaston
PO Box 216
Danville, Vermont 05828
(802) 684-3801 ext. 207
Fax: (802) 684-1190

David Irwin is the 
Assistant to the Extended Learning Opportunities Program Director. Questions or comments related to ELO newsletters, billing, and the ELO website can be directed to David at:

Caledonia Central Supervisory Union
Attn: David Irwin
PO Box 216
Danville, Vermont 05828
(802) 684-3801 ext. 207
Fax: (802) 684-1190