We are currently looking for qualified applicants for the following positions.  

Please send a cover letter, resume, and three letters of reference to:  

Caledonia Central Supervisory Union
Donna Gaston, Program Director 
P.O. Box 216 Danville, VT 05828
(802) 684-3801 x207

Site Coordinators at the Danville and Peacham Schools

The site coordinator position involves organizing programming for students; working collaboratively with teachers and community members; paperwork; managing a budget and collecting fees; electronic tracking of students, leaders, activities, and attendance; monthly staff meetings; and scheduling monthly drills.  The position is 25 hours per week (Barnet & Danville) or 20 hours per week (Peacham & Walden) during the school year.  There are no other benefits. There are four sessions that run 8 weeks on school days during the school year.  The sessions begin in September and run continuously on school days until the end of May.  There is a possibility of summer employment as well.


  • ·         Establishes a positive, supportive relationship by actively participating with students as an adult role model and becomes aware of the students’ individual needs;
  • ·         Works with students to give them leadership and choices within the program;
  • ·         Maintains the database and records attendance in the database daily;
  • ·         Manages behavior issues and is the person in charge in the absence of the principal;
  • ·         Serves as the point of contact within the school for staff, students, families, volunteers, and community members;
  • ·         Supervises and evaluates program staff and works with the Program Director to ensure quality outcomes with regard to the needs of students and their learning;
  • ·         Collaborates with teachers and building administrators to maintain strong connections between programming, the school’s curricula, and yearly Action Plan;
  • ·         Ensures cooperation exists with school personnel such as custodians, kitchen staff, technology specialist, librarian/media specialist, nurse, etc.;
  • ·         Maintains high visibility within the school and is an integral part of the school staff;
  • ·         Follows all procedures, guidelines and policies related to the program including monthly drills;
  • ·         Reports suspected child abuse and neglect;
  • ·         Seeks out and executes creative curriculum aligned to the regular school day instructional goals and that promotes improved academic performance, health and wellness and the use of 21st Century skills;
  • ·         Involves parents and the community through volunteer opportunities and parent activities;
  • ·         Develops strong connections with parents, community members and school staff through face to face communications, the use of technology, newsletters, and displays of student work;
  • ·         Interviews and recommends staff for hiring with input from the principal and the director;
  • ·         Maintains confidentiality.

Demonstrated Qualities:

  • ·         Possesses supervision, leadership, creative thinking and organizational skills;
  • ·         Communicates effectively, both written and orally;
  • ·         Maximizes use of technology as a communication and management tool;
  • ·         Collaborates well with others;
  • ·         Maintains a high energy level and a positive attitude;
  • ·         Enjoys working with students and focuses on their needs.
  • ·         Bachelor’s degree preferred.

Program Staff

Please submit the above materials if interested.


  • Carry out exciting community-based programs that combine the arts, science, and technology 
  •  Provide assistance to students to extend learning opportunities beyond their regular school day 
  • Support parents, volunteers, and other community participants as part of afternoon programming 
  • Supervise individual and small groups of students
  • Serves as a role model for students
  • Follows all procedures, guidelines and policies related to the program, staff and student safety

 Demonstrated Qualities:

  • Communicates effectively, both written and orally
  • Maximizes use of technology as a communication and  management tool
  • Uses technology to assist and integrate teaching and student learning
  • Can collaborate with colleagues, parents, and community members
  •  Can provide assistance to students, community members, and volunteers,